Save your precious VHS memories

We transfer VHS tapes to DVD

VHS tapes do deteriorate with time. It's best to transfer to a DVD to protect and revive your precious memories.

All tapes older than 10 years, tend to degrade in quality over time.

It is best to have them copied to last for many years to come, to ensure you and your family can continue to enjoy them.




Our SPECIAL PRICE is $16 per tape (any size)
with an extra copy of each for no charge


We can pickup anywhere in the Adelaide Metro area and return.


Interstate customers can mail the tapes to:

EZF, Parcel Collect 1002404980
Greenwith PO,
222 Target Hill Road,
Greenwith. SA 5125

(An Aust Post 500gram Express bag will hold 2 tapes - $11 or 1kg Bag, 4 tapes - $14.)


Phone me on 0428 854 641 to organise your order.